Monthly Events

Each month of the year the Capital City Corvette Club schedules an event.  These events include Corvette shows, cruise-ins, parades, rallies, Corvette trips, and cookouts. During the winter months non-Corvette social activities consist of bowling, parties, trips, and more.

Club Meeting

The second Saturday of every month at members meet to conduct business and plan the events for the club. Attendance and participation at these meetings are encouraged but not required. All members have a voice and vote in club matters.  After the meetings (about one hour) the members gather at various local restaurants for dinner, socializing, and fun.

Currently (unless noted otherwise in the Driveline) we are meeting at

Driveline Newsletter

Every member of Capital City Corvette Club also gets a subscription to Driveline. This is the club newsletter published monthly to inform the members of upcoming events and recap activities and meetings that they may have missed. There are articles of special interest to Corvette owners, and a club directory is in the Driveline.

And More

The annual club trip has taken the members to many places. Our Corvettes have caravaned to the Corvette factories in both St. Louis and Bowling Green, as well as other Corvette shows in Gatlinburg, Cedar Point, and Bloomington Gold. Other trips have taken members white water rafting, houseboating, and even a Caribbean Cruise.

Each year C.C.C.C. raises several hundred dollars from many of the events for the club charity.

The History

The Capital City Corvette Club was formed in January of 1975 (incorporated August 25, 1975) by a small group of devoted, ambitious and fun loving Corvette owners. Officers were elected, committees to plan club events were formed and a "Code of Regulations" for the club was adopted. Five officers serve one-year terms.  Elections are held at the November business meeting. C.C.C.C. is a non-profit organization and all of the funds collected are used either to conduct events or are donated to the official club charity. The main objective of C.C.C.C. is to promote the appreciation of the Corvette while having fun. The club members who are helpful and hard working make the club successful.

Capital City Corvette Club, a 501c(3) charitable organization
It's all about the kids!

Since its founding in 1975, Capital City Corvette Club has always had a charitable purpose. CCCC currently has several sources of funding: club sponsors, donors, dues, bingo and the Vettes, Rods & Classics charity car show.

Vettes, Rods & Classics charity car show, per our bylaws, donates 100% of the proceeds to Nationwide Childrens Hospital Foundation. We don't just hand a check over and walk away. The club works with the NCH Foundation to identify items that are outside the normal budget that the children need. After all, it's all about the kids! These needs change every year.

The icing on the cake for many of our club members is that most years we get to buy toys for the kids at Christmas time. We shop and deliver the toys as a group. It's bad when a child is sick or injured and laid up, away from home and family and, quite possibly, missing out on the trimmings for the holidays. We can make that a little easier and a little brighter with a new toy. As a bonus, extra toys get sent to the ER. These are not only used for the patients but for their siblings. If one can imagine, parents often must bring siblings to the ER due to an emergency. Having something for the brothers and sisters can be an important stress reliever for all involved.

Capital City Corvette Club operates with a charity committee. Each club member is welcome to submit a charity that is child focused for consideration of a donation by Capital City Corvette Club. The charity committee meets each September to review and vet the charity applications that are turned in each August by club members. Applications are on the club website under "forms".

Following the review & recommendation by the charity committee, the findings are presented to the club. The charity sponsor is asked to speak about their charity and the club votes as a group to approve the findings of the charity committee.